Chick-fil-A Restaurant Owner Does Something Surprising For His Employees – Liberals FURIOUS

Liberals in this country love to vilify the Chick-fil-A brand and claim that anyone who works there is evil. That’s why they’re furious this week after a Chick-fil-A restaurant owner did something truly beautiful for his employees.

Business Insider reported that a Chick-fil-A restaurant in Austin, Texas was recently shut down for five months for renovations. However, instead of temporarily laying off the 50 employees who work at the restaurant, owner Jeff Glover chose to continue paying them during the five months the restaurant was closed. In addition, he gave them all a $1 raise for their loyalty to him and the brand.

A starting job at Glover’s Chick-fil-A restaurant is $11 an hour and he pays full-time workers roughly $3,600 a month before taxes.

“It would be a real financial crisis for the 50 families represented by the workers here to have to go five months without a job,” Glover told reporters.

One worker was not surprised by Glover’s generosity.

“I wasn’t expecting less than that — he is always taking care of us,” the worker said.

Glover’s Austin Chick-fil-A has earned rave reviews from Yelp users.

“This Chick-fil-A rocks,” one customer wrote on Yelp. “They have a great system during busy lunch hours. I don’t know how they do it because every time my order is right and fresh. Great job guys!”

“This Chick-fil-A was glowing it was so clean! My server was very friendly, and personally brought me my drink and food (both of which were accurate). Great experience,” another customer wrote.

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