Look Who Was Just ARRESTED For Committing 103 Acts Of Vandalism Against Trump

An illegal alien who is also an anti-Trump immigration activist was recently arrested for committing 103 acts of vandalism at the University of Connecticut, where he was a student.

Breitbart reported that Eric Cruz-Lopez was arrested after he spread graffiti such as “F**k Trump,” and “PEST,” the latter of which was his signature. Cruz-Lopez, who described himself as an undocumented immigrant, was a community organizer for CT Students for a Dream, an organization that advocates for undocumented students.

United We Dream released a statement describing Cruz-Lopez as “a student with DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals),” after police arrested him at the White House in February 2016.

“We organize and advocate for the dignity and fair treatment of immigrant youth and families, regardless of immigration status,” United We Dream states on their website.

Upon his arrest, Cruz-Lopez handed police a written note that read, “I did the graffiti,” and “I am open to entering into a conversation about restitution.”

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