TERROR AT TEXAS BORDER – 36 Dead, More Injured

Officials have just announced that at least 36 people have been killed this month in a cartel war taking place near the Texas border.

Meanwhile, the left wants everyone to believe that there’s nothing to be concerned about at our unsecured, porous border.

Breitbart reported that the violence began in late April, right after Mexican authorities hunted down and killed regional Gulf boss Juan Manuel “Toro” Loiza Salinas. The death of this drug kingpin led to a violent power struggle as various factions fight for control of the city and surrounding smuggling routes.

Unfortunately, that violence has spilled over onto the US-Mexico border.

In May, convoys of armed cartel members drove around the border city of Reynosa hunting for rivals. Some of the gunmen are riding in vehicles with “M-42” spray-painted on the side, indicating former allegiance to Toro.

Reynosa is right on the Rio Grande River, and can be seen with the naked eye from Texas.

The war has also led to a spike in crime as cartel gunmen carry out daytime robberies at various establishments and against unsuspecting motorists.

This past weekend, rival gunmen clashed three separate times, spreading fear among local residents. One clash saw rival cartels exchange gunfire in the Lopez Portillo neighborhood, where neighbors reported that four gunmen died in the clash.

The 36 people that have been killed this month include one bystander and one police officer.

This serves as a reminder of why it is crucial that we keep our border with Mexico CLOSED!

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