Eric Holder Resurfaces With Ominous Announcement

Barack Hussein Obama’s former Attorney General Eric Holder resurfaced early Friday morning to post an ominous tweet that quickly got everyone talking.

Independent Journal Review reported that at around 3am, Holder sent a cryptic message to his former colleagues at the Justice Department and the FBI, telling them to “be prepared, be strong” because “your actions and integrity will be unfairly questioned.”

“To the career men & women at DOJ/FBI: your actions and integrity will be unfairly questioned. Be prepared, be strong. Duty. Honor. Country,” Holder wrote.

Holder’s tweet left many guessing the meaning, but some think his message is linked to the narrative being pushed by the Democrats on Think Progress, Salon, and Daily Kos: that there’s a “potential,” new Trump collusion storyline starring former National Security Adviser Mike Flynn.

Twitter users immediately took notice of what Holder said:

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