HORROR IN PENNSYLVANIA – Mob Of 500 Attacks Police…

A horrifying incident took place in Pennsylvania on Sunday night when a flash mob of over 500 teenagers confronted police outside the Lonnie Young Recreation Center in Germantown.

CBS Local reported that police said the chaos began just after 6pm and that most of people in the mob were between the ages of 12 and 17. Disturbing footage of the incident shows the teenagers surrounding police vehicles and throwing glass bottles at them as they taunted the officers.

Shockingly, police decided not to make any arrests as they did not want to escalate the situation, and the crowd eventually dispersed after a few hours.

“There’s no reported injuries to police, no reported arrests, and there’s no reported injuries to civilians at this time,” Capt. Drew Techner with Philadelphia Police said. “We closed the Lonnie Young Rec Center for the night after all of this. We’re concerned all the juveniles may re-gather in the same location that they started out. We for their own safety want them home.”

Thankfully, the crowd did not end up regathering. Techner also spoke out to send a message to the parents of the youths that were involved in this.

“Parents need to be aware that when they’re sending their juveniles out,” Techner said.  “I know it’s nice to get the fresh air, and be out with their friends on a summer night.  But parents have to be aware of what their kids are doing, who they are with, and what they’re getting involved in.  They need to be home at a decent hour.”

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