Nancy Pelosi’s MENTAL STATE Being Questioned After Bizarre Episode on Stage

Many have been calling for House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi to step down in recent weeks after a series of bizarre appearances have called her mental state into question. Though Pelosi claims that she is fine, she fueled rumors that she is mentally ill once again this week when she had a strange reaction to a question about North Korea during a press conference on Thursday.

The American Mirror reported that Pelosi broke into a fit of giggles when a reporter asked her about North Korean aggression. She was finishing an answer about arts funding when a reporter said “speaking of the arts,” as Pelosi giggled.

“Kim Jung In,” he continued, “has been celebrating their ICBM launch with some cultural” events, the reporter stated as Pelosi laughed bizarrely.

The House Minority leader managed to regain her composure as the reporter finished the question before she sighed loudly into the microphone. She then justified her bonafides by saying she’s “one of the few members of Congress to have visited Pyongyang.”

The embarrassing incident happened as calls have been made — even from people on the left including numerous House members — for Nancy Pelosi to step down. She has done little to lead the Democratic Party with an uplifting, unifying message. Since Donald Trump took office, the Democrats’ only message appears to be “resist.”

So far, that message doesn’t appear to be resonating with voters. Democrats have lost five special elections this year, including one in Georgia where the Democratic candidate broke fundraising records.

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