Police in Arlington, Texas are investigating an officer-involved shooting that took place on Saturday.

NBC Dallas Fort Worth reported that police were called to an apartment complex just after 4pm on Saturday. When they arrived, officers found two brothers inside a unit arguing. One of the brothers was armed and refused to surrender to police, and a standoff ensued.

At some point, the armed man put on some sort of body armor and ran to a nearby intersection and carjacked a man at gunpoint.

“I’ll never forget that gun or his face,” said the driver of the vehicle who only wants to be identified as Gabriel. “He had a bullet-proof vest on, black pants, black shirt, bald head. All I seen was the gun. He pointing the gun at me. Told me to get out of the car. I almost was going to leave but I seen it in his eyes he was serious.”

Police began to chase the man until the car chase ended at around 5pm.

“When he turned the corner here on Shady Valley, it looks like he lost control,” said Lt. Christopher Cook of the Arlington Police Department. “That’s when the suspect bailed out on foot. He’s still wearing his body armor. He still has his handgun.”

The man began to knock on doors after the crash until officers approached him. When he did not listen to their commands, they had no choice but to open fire.

“I don’t know the moves or if he was pointing the gun,” said Cook. “No officer comes to work and wants to be involved in a situation like this. And it’s just unfortunate the suspect did not reason with us at all and never put the gun down.”

“I was shook up at first,” said Gabriel. “But he was serious. You could tell by him wanting to be dead, wanting the police to shoot him.”

The suspect has been identified only as a 22 year-old white male.

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