Trump Lands In Paris – Drops Everything To Do THIS For US Military Families

Donald Trump travelled to Paris, France with his wife Melania this week to meet with President Emmanuel Macron. Once he landed there, however, Trump shocked everyone by doing something that shows exactly what kind of president that he is.

Freedom Daily reported that after landing in France, Trump immediately went to meet with the families of military members stationed in France. Melania then publicly thanked everyone at the U.S. Embassy for all that they do for our country. She added that while loves France, she knows it must be hard for them to be away from the familiarities, family, and friends at home in America, and thanked them again for their sacrifice.

“Melania and I were thrilled to be here with the dedicated men and women of the Paris Embassy, members of the U.S. military, and your beautiful families, see here! #Paris#France #USA,” President Trump wrote on Instagram. “I am here today to deliver a simple message – THANK YOU. You work long hours, far from home— and with little public credit—to keep our people safe and free. You do it for one reason: LOVE OF COUNTRY.”

God bless the Trump family!

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