Leaked Phone Call Reveals CHILLING TRUTH About Russiagate

Ever since Donald Trump won the election, the media has been pushing the unfounded story that he was only victorious because Russia hacked into private emails to influence the election. Now, however, the Russiagate story has been obliterated by a shocking phone call that just leaked to the public.

Mint Press News reported that the phone call is of award-winning journalist Seymour Hersh going on a profanity-laced rant in which he details insider information he obtained from his contacts at the FBI and the Washington, D.C. Police Department. Leaked on August 1, the phone call indicates that the DNC’s “hacked” emails were given to WikiLeaks by a DNC employee – none other than the now-deceased Seth Rich – and that the entire Russian interference narrative was intentionally fabricated by U.S. intelligence.

In the call, Hersh explains how Rich came into contact with WikiLeaks, giving them access to DNC emails in return for a cash reward. He also said that Rich’s contact with WikiLeaks was known to the FBI and the entire U.S. intelligence community, despite their public claims to the contrary.

However, Hersh claims that Rich was not murdered for this, and that the 27 year-old really was murdered in a late night robbery that went wrong.

Later in the audio clip, Hersh blames the emergence of the Russian interference narrative on the CIA, particularly former CIA Director John Brennan, who he referred to as “an a**hole” and the brains behind the agency’s disinformation campaign. He said that Brennan teamed up with National Security Head Mike Rogers, and that the two were “back-briefing the press,” telling the media that they knew who in Russian military intelligence was responsible for the “hacking,” a blatant lie that Hersh slammed as “bullsh*t.”

Hersh is saying that these high-ranking figures in U.S. intelligence deliberately lied to both the press and Congress. This phone call may just be enough to turn the entire Russiagate theory on it’s head.

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