Sasha Obama Caught Making Out With Stranger at Drug-Fueled Party [WATCH]

Various videos have surfaced this week of a clearly intoxicated Malia Obama wildly partying at Lollapalooza over the weekend. Now, some shocking images have surfaced of her 16 year-old sister Sasha at the drug-fueled rager as well.

Radar Online reported that photos have leaked of Sasha making out with a stranger, who sources say is named “Matt.” Sources also say that Sasha and Matt met only moments before they started kissing.

Although Malia is at the adult age to attend Lollapalooza, it is discouraging to see Sasha, an underage teen unsupervised at a music festival notorious for rampant drug use.

Barack and Michelle Obama used Sasha as an excuse to stay in Washington D.C. after leaving the White House, claiming that as parents they wanted to allow her to finish high school there. However, since moving just two miles from the White House, Barack has been busy running an anti-Trump “war room” and Michelle has been off traveling the world on more vacations.

Malia’s weekend at Lollapalooza appears to have been downright debaucherous. The first video that leaked of her showed Malia dancing so violently and uncontrollably at a concert for The Killers that many were certain she was either drunk or on some kind of drug.

Things got even worse when a video from later in that night surfaced of a passed out Malia being escorted from the venue in a golf cart. Things had gotten so crazy that night that Malia ended up losing her iPhone.

Clearly, the Obama girls are in need of some serious parental guidance. Their parents are so desperate to destroy Trump and at the same time put more money in their own pockets that they seem to have lost all motivation to properly raise their own daughters.

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